What We’re About

IDM LabTrack has answered the question of how to track and trace specimens more accurately and economically, while eliminating the chance of human error. Using Six Sigma and Lean processes, we conducted pilot programs with leading hospitals and commercial laboratory partners, resulting in the introduction of the LabTrack system. LabTrack has tracked millions of samples for more than a dozen clients since its launch at the end of 2011, and our clients have not had one lost sample.

At IDM LabTrack, we’re redefining scalable business information systems that are transforming the healthcare industry. We’re saving money, saving time, and saving lives one specimen at a time.

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Ambient ID Labtrack


  • Turnkey
  • Improved Visibility
  • Vial Level Tracking
  • Lowers cost, improves profitability and results in better patient outcomes
  • Improves Throughput
  • Easy to Install
  • IT Friendly
  • No Capital Required
  • Eliminates Errors